Friday, 14 April 2017

Mixed Metals

Review Blouse // General Pants Mini Skirt // The Fifth Label Bomber Jacket // EOS Footwear Donna Brogues // Michael Kors Crossbody Bag // Sunthing Willow Sunnies

Today's blog post features EOS Footwear and my blogger friend Ray from the Blog @yourbaeray which can be found here. Each pair of shoes from EOS is handcrafted with great quality and time put into it. Their shoes are from European Heritage where each pair has a story and are ready to be worn and create their own journey. 

I picked a couple of pairs and as you can see they are the Donna Brogues which are in a silver finish. You know me, always a silver metal type of gal but styling this outfit featured mixed metals. Rose gold can be found in my sunnies which have a reflecting mirror. Ray and I show you how to style these timeless brogues into your everyday life. These shoes give a structured and sophisticated feel to any outfit. I went for a base layer with a black mini skirt and white blouse paired with a bomber to show off the brogues and let them be the feature. You can ready more about this outfit on Ray's Blog which can be found here.

Photographer: Jacqui Miholos

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